7 advantages for choosing a design company for your website


More than 140,000 websites are launched daily (or at least in 2012 according to Netcraft), bringing the number of websites around the world to more than 1.5 billion today, but the percentage of sites that are visited does not exceed 15% of the total sites. One of the studies that concerned health websites that provide consulting services to their customers found that 94% of customers do not trust these websites for reasons related to their website design.

Most of the businesses at present need an electronic appearance in the world of the Internet, not to mention that some others rely on the Internet to mainly market their products, such as Alibaba, which is the largest Chinese e-commerce site. Therefore, it is very necessary to highlight the importance of the website that should be able to achieve the required marketing goals, and this will only happen by obtaining a good design for your website, which helps build confidence among your users, and enables you to reach your marketing goals. Let us introduce you now to some of the advantages that you will get when designing your website with a professional design company.

Use of the latest technologies

Professional design companies seek to use the latest technologies during the design and the development of websites, as the technology used plays an important role in the ease of use of the website by its users, access to their needs, and it affects its classification within the search engines. Therefore, these companies are usually keen to train their designers in a manner that ensures their familiarity with the latest technologies in the world of web design.


Obtaining a responsive design

Responsive design is defined as the design that responds to the behavior of changing the size of the display screen, without negatively affecting the user experience. Professional design companies seek to display all the details of the designed website taking into account the users of smartphones, such as reducing distances and creating side and private main menus to move between pages easily.


Speed ​​of loading website pages

What distinguishes professional websites is their ability to work efficiently even in the event of a weak Internet connection. The use of some techniques to reduce the size of images and incorporate additional components would help in that, and they build the website in a way that browsers can read it more quickly.


Acquisition of visitors’ attractiveness

There is no doubt that well-designed websites admire their visitors in the first moments of their visit. One study determined that website visitors take about 50 milliseconds to form their initial perception of the site, which will keep them on the site or make them leave it. The initial perception of the website depends on several factors, including the website’s structure, colors, fonts used, pictures, and videos.


 Increase your sales via your website

Professional design increases conversion rates (CRO), that is, the number of actual customers increases from the total number of total visitors. Studies indicate that visitors to purchasing websites usually leave quickly if they do not find the website with the appropriate quality, because they believe that the website design reflects the quality of the products inside it, and this is the reason why many famous brands such as Nike and Adidas pay great attention to designing their product websites professionally.


Time maintenance

The presence of a professional design company helps to complete the work in the fastest time and with the required quality, without saving time at the expense of details, or highlighting details at the expense of time. This is due to several reasons; including the presence of staff with knowledge and experience helps reduce the number of modifications and errors to make it more efficient, thus consuming less time and effort.


Greater visibility in search results

good design plays a prominent role in improving your website for search engines, or what is known as (SEO), which is a mechanism that enables your website to appear more in search engine results, and to get a higher ranking. If the engines cannot easily find your website, your customers will not be able to do that either, and therefore you must make sure that your website designers are professional to take into account these matters.

Unfortunately, few people realize that a good design for their website is an important building block and necessary for the success of their business. They do not predict the amount of damage that will be caused to their commercial enterprise if their websites are poorly designed. So, you have no reason to risk your business with the presence of professional companies that will save your efforts and money together.