About Blog

Haweya will include many writers and experts in the field of graphic design who will all work to enhance the Arabic content for graphic design, increase awareness of the importance of the brand for the owners of companies and institutions, and shed light on the issues and concerns of designers.

We are interested in publishing Arabic content in the field of designing and creating the Arab brand. We answer many questions raised by designers, or owners of companies, to contribute to building a pioneering Arab design community. We seek to promote the concept of the Arab brand and to introduce the most important philosophies that must be taken into account in building any Arab brand.

About Haweya Company

A company specialized in creating Arab brands following the global standards in graphic design. With our talented people and their great experience, we have the ability to understand business owners’ insights and deliver their business message visually in the best way. We offer branding services, including logo design, brand identity, web and app design, advertising design, and much more.