Is design necessary for content marketing success?


Did you like trying the food of a famous restaurant after seeing its advertisement? The moment you sat in famous restaurants and started to open the menu, you found yourself in front of a long line of written food that sends your mind to confusion, then the picture hanging above the corner of the table stops you!

Moments later ..

Waiter: May I take your order, sir.

You: Yes, please “this is my request” to point your thumb on that picture.

You may still be wondering what all this has to do with the title of this article!

Let us tell you, we can say that the picture hanging in the restaurant played the biggest role in ridding you of your confusion by choosing the food that you want to eat with confidence. That image is nothing but a kind of graphic design, and its presence in the restaurant is considered as the marketing content that affects customers in making their decision. .

Graphic design has become part of our culture in recent times. The presence of daily advertisements everywhere and the widespread use of social networking sites have made it a valuable impact on our daily life. You only have to navigate through the websites’ stores or take a field tour in shopping centers or malls to find yourself stands in front of a set of graphic designs that help you in making your decision.

We can say now that strategic content marketing is what opens the doors for audiences to become customers, and in marketing content, graphic design is the tool used to open these doors.

Some of the visual elements necessary for content marketing success:

Designing decision-guiding phrases: Graphic design is a powerful element to influence your audience emotionally, for example the phrases used in graphic design that urge the audience to take action before they lose their emotional connection or interest by sharing an opinion or clicking on a link to buy something or subscribe to a campaign.

Infographic design: Visual information makes up 90% of the information transmitted to the brain. People respond to pictures and drawings better than writings, so it is necessary to use infographic to grab the attention of the audience.

Infographics stand out among these visual means, as they are able to present a good amount of information and knowledge in a clearer and convincing way than just using writing, and it is a distinctive way to draw attention to your marketing content.

Graphic design for blogs: Your blog must contain graphic designs, because it may form the audience’s opinion on starting or completing the content. The presence of images inside the blog encourages readers to continue reading, increases their engagement with reading, and it helps in understanding the details that are not clear.

In sum, graphic design is an important building block for successful marketing content. It is a mean of communicating with the audience, influencing their purchasing decisions.