Transform Your Business with Haweya


Customer loyalty is hard to get and even harder to maintain and nurture. But if you succeed, great rewards await you. According to Fundera, 43% of customers spend more money at brands they’re loyal to — and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Also, great branding doesn’t only improve customer loyalty; it also positions your business for a sustainable future.

To that end, Haweya transforms ideas into designs that capture customers’ attention and create a solid, sustainable connection with them. Our customers trust us to do this, and we always hit the high standards they set.

On Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews site, we recently received a 5-star review from the Turkey-Islamic World Relations Center. This organization aims to solidify the cooperation between Turkish and Islamic nations.

Our team helped redesign their brand, which has undergone many changes and attempts at rebranding. We spent time listening and understanding their needs, mission, and vision. Once we were ready, our top executives got involved with the work.

The result: a new brand identity their investors immediately accepted.
“Everyone within our company loves the brand package.” — Project Manager, Turkish-Islamic World Relations Center

Apart from branding, we also provide website design and development services. We’re proud to share another 5-star review from another happy client: TDM Consulting Group.

TDM provides consulting services to business leaders who want to create impact and value for customers. We led their branding efforts, provided graphic design services, and took care of their site’s security issues.

To lead the project, we used our very own project management tool and WhatsApp. Eventually, we trained them via Loom on using the site’s control panel — we made sure it was easy to understand and follow.

The qualitative feedback from clients has been great, and TDM loved our graphic design skills.
The competition is tight in this space, and we’re only as good as how our clients truly feel about our work.

That said, we’re proud to be listed by The Manifest — Clutch’s sister website — as one of Saudi Arabia’s top web design companies. Look through project descriptions to see our top-rated projects to date.

At Haweya, we provide businesses with outstanding solutions — from creative web designs to memorable branding. We help you connect to your customers visually and emotionally.

If you’re in need of these services, contact us today, and let’s work together.