WHO Posters

Case study



Haweya is driven by its mission statement “to provide our clients high quality, professional and creative design services, to achieve their vision and promote their goals and strategic objectives.” The client wanted to raise awareness and keep the audience involved with the current crisis so we wanted to use business to inspire and implement. We address in this project the health sector, including doctors, nurses, and all who work in the health field.


About the client:

Walaa Ammar


Advocacy officer at WHO

Right to Health/Advocacy project



In line with the current circumstances, new need appeared for understandable and straightforward raising awareness brochures to enhance the goal in achieving a healthier environment, intensifying primary prevention activities, and influencing public policies in all sectors to address all the causes of environmental threats to health. The main challenges we tried to solve were:

  • Develop more awareness among people.
  • Keep the audience involved with the goals.
  • Increasing primary prevention activities.
  • Bigger reach to more people.


So, how could we bring this message to more people … and the world at large?



The plan was moving around achieving these points:

  • Develop more awareness.
  • Keep the audience involved with the goals.
  • Increasing primary prevention activities.
  • Bigger reach to more people.

We not only wanted to reach a new audience, but we also wanted to go hand by hand with the WHO to be in line with the organization’s vision in raising awareness and helping to get rid of the pandemic. We started doing the brainstorming, the research, and gathering the ideas then finalizing the chosen ones. The client provided the content, our role was to put the content in professional designs, and that is what we did. We came up with three different types of designs to fit the place it will be hanged.

The brochures’ designs were approved from the first time according to our extensive experience in this field. We designed understandable and straightforward brochures as a way to encourage people to follow the right steps to save their lives during this crisis.

The agreed deadline was two days, and we have handled the designs within one day.



The designs achieved its goal in raising awareness among large number of people as they were hanged and distributed in three different active places where people appear frequently, including the quarantines, the staff responsible for the quarantine (medical and police officers), malls, and Careem cars.

The designs achieved the expected results, which are:

  • Develop more awareness as many peoples started to appear wearing gloves and masks when they went out especially in malls and Careem cars where the brochures were distributed.
  • The audience started to use the designs in their offices and primeses.
  • The number of people who take into their consideration the preventive activities raised so the number of patients went low.
  • The ad reached more than 20000 people so it achieved the goals, which it was designed for.

  • Date: 06/04/2020
  • client: WHO
  • Service: Advertising design